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The Powerful You

Motivational Quotes Coloring Book

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Unleash the Power of your Subconcious Mind

Finding age-appropriate motivational quotes for kids might require a bit of digging. To make this task easier, we have compiled a list of inspirational quotes in our positive coloring book for kids -“The Powerful You.” Let your kids appreciate the value of little gifts in their life, the power of gratitude, kindness, and love. Let them develop confidence in their abilities and trust that they have inborn capabilities to drive them to greater heights and the potential to bring great changes to the world. Let them build a powerful self-image through simple steps every day. We would have heard several inspirational quotes that remind us of the values of aiming higher, dreaming bigger, giving thanks, and helping each other. However old these positive quotes might be, they never lose relevance in your life.

Self-esteem doesn’t develop over a day. It grows slowly over time. Nothing can boost a child’s self-confidence as a parent’s attention and appreciation. But with positive coloring books, parents can encourage their kids’ motivation even when they are not around. Our Positive affirmation coloring book is specially designed with beautiful geometric and organic patterns to make it an engaging activity for kids. With this inspirational quote coloring book, your kids can build a practice of reading the quotes, living them, and repeating them. Once affirmations are learned, they work by coming to mind when a belief is challenged. If you tell yourself that you are wonderful the way you are, the affirmation will be recalled to remind you of your faith when someone tries to let you down.

“Your mind is like the sky. Sometimes it’s clear and blue – but sometimes a raincloud thought comes along and makes everything seem dark. So, what can we do about rainclouds?” In her book ‘Your mind is like the sky,’ psychologist Bronwen Ballard explains that worries and negative thoughts are normal. All it takes is a little practice to learn how to conquer them. Teach your kids to deal with their fears, let go of worries and feel happy in every moment.