We are a team of story-tellers, researchers, and artists, working together to design creative, fun-learning resources for preschoolers and grade-schoolers. Having started our journey with picture books, we will soon be releasing games and DIY activity kits for kids.

Meet our Authors & Illustrators

Dina Soul Writing (Author)

Dina Soul Writing is a group of writers, proofreaders, editors, and illustrators passionate about children’s literature and whose purpose is to bring messages of love, awareness, hope, and good values to all children around the world.

Our mission is to serve with sharp eyes and ears, a creative attitude, and precise words, always taking care of the genuineness and well-being of our children readers.

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Ramya Krishnan (Author)

An immigrant on Earth, Ramya Krishnan is currently renting a place in Southern India, where she eats ice creams and spends the entire summer waiting for the monsoons. She believes recreational reading is best done in the midst of nature, with a hot cup of tea nearby and drizzly weather. Her literary influences are diverse, and her interests include children’s fiction, fantasy, and science-fiction, especially the intersection of the three.

By profession, she is a microbiology researcher who is fascinated by the tiny microbial world, which inspired her in getting a Ph.D. to study these magnificent bugs. As a child, she envisioned and fantasized about things, which is evident in her writings and research. Her short stories have frequently appeared in her school and college magazines and have inspired her to write more. Recently, she has been observing the boring science articles for kids that are dull or filled with jargon and wishes to resolve the same with a small touch of story-telling and fantasy. Ramya’s goal as a writer is to beguile and inspire the readers to feel brave, self-assured, and unique in their own right.

Farirai Manonose (Author)

Geologist by day and writer by night. Farirai Manonose is a professional Geologist and freelance writer living in Zimbabwe. She is a self-proclaimed campfire guitarist (better than a beginner but unwilling to play on a stage), vocalist, and, of course, writer. Farirai is inspired by art in all its forms and believes that there is beauty in every place and everything. She has written for clients worldwide, producing work for choose-your-own-adventure games, film scripts, children’s books, poetry, and more.

Farirai tries to live by the words of the song, “Through heaven’s eyes” from the Disney film ‘Prince of Egypt.’ Her favorite poem is ‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley, and frankly, pages and pages could be filled with all her favorite things, but above all else, Farirai is a dreamer, and that is how she hopes to be remembered.

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Anusha K R (Illustrator)

Anusha is a researcher by profession who nurtures a passionate artist within. She is obsessed with the patterns found in nature and finds inspiration in the landscape around her and the long nature rambles in the countryside. 

Her love for illustration sprouted at a very young age from drawing symmetric patterns on a vast wall in her backyard and continued to evolve with her. Her passion for drawing took shape during her schooldays, where she was introduced to the world of biological illustrations that paved the way for her career and hobbies. 

She loves to illustrate and share with others the beauty of everything we share the planet with – from the teeny weeny bugs to the mighty mountains. Always seeking new challenges, Anusha has been honing her skills and extending her talents towards creating expressive, memorable characters that move and define picture book stories.

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Jinu Mathew (Author/Illustrator)

Jinu is a life science researcher by training. She graduated with a PhD in Biochemistry and has a six-year progressive career spanning academic research and research administration. She has previously held roles as a researcher and research administrator at premier research institutes in the US and India. She began writing and illustrating informational stories to share her love for science with the curious little minds.

Her picture books are designed to make science learning fun for kids. Science may sound boring when narrated as facts—but presenting science as stories will let the kids engage with the content and stimulate their thoughts and imagination.

In her books, she uses stories as a hook to grab kids’ attention and lead them to deep engagement with scientific concepts, and encourage them to appreciate and understand the science of what they see around them and some of what they don’t.

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